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Please let's have a look at two sentences: 1) Where is a restaurant? 2) Where is the restaurant? Let's assume I am in a completely new city and would like to eat something, do I say 1) or 2)? On the one hand I do not mean any particular restaurant, ...
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Hello, let me ask, would you say "smart new suit" or "new smart suit"? I have read this tutorial: And I would guess that 'smart' is a general opinion, 'new' is an age, hence the correct order is "smart new suit" - am I right?
 "Smart new suit" is correct. If you said, "New smart suit," it would sound like the suit had some kind of technology associated with it like a smart phone or a smart TV.
 I see, thanks for your explanation.
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I wanna know what grammar rule is being used in this example. Please confirm to me once it is received by you. -> Please confirm once received
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Hi guys! Any of you know what grammar this is? I saw this sentence: Please confirm once received.  Why not? Please confirm once it is received.  So, can I say? Please pass the paper when done.  instead of Please pass the paper when you're done.
Guren FirippuSo, can I say?Please pass the paper...
The following sentence with the active voice clause is much better:
Please pass the paper when you're done.
than the passive voice clause:
Please pass the paper when (it is) done.  ...
 So what do you call this rule of omission? Is it necessary to omit the subject and the verb after the conjunction.
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we will be closed in observation of Memorial Day
 That's a good sentence. Start a sentence with a capital letter.
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