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 Or no article
JigneshbharatiThe sleepless
the sleepless night is one particular night that we all know about.
Which night is it? Is it the night of April 21, 1732? Is it the night of June 14, 1845? Is it the night of August 7, 2009?
When someone writes "the night", they assume the ...
JigneshbharatiOr no article
The noun is "night". That's a common, countable, singular noun.
Does English normally use no article for that kind of noun? Or does that kind of noun require an article?
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"The list of people I am sad about leaving their jobs." Is this sentence grammatically correct? Thank you in advance!
Anonymous How abou this?
The people that I am sad about leaving their jobs have done so.
 That also doesn't make sense.
AnonymousThe people that I am sad about...
A little better, but still not correct. Try this:
I am sad about the people who are leaving their jobs.
CJ ...
asked a question.
Is the following sentence ok to say? How many people in your family do you have? Thanks.
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How many morphemes in the word "Bookcase", and what is the type of last morpheme?
SadeeHow many morphemes in the word...
The following link may help.
CJ ...
 It has two morphemes, and its type is free morpheme.
Is it correct?
SadeeIt has two morphemes
Sadee its type is free morpheme
That's one of the two, but which one is a free morpheme?
And what is the other morpheme, and what type is that one?
If you have two morphemes, each one has a type.
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Hello, 1. She telephoned while waiting for the plane. Does it mean - 1a. She telephoned while she was waiting for the plane. What do we call such type of reduction in subordinate clause? 2. She telephoned hoping for a job. 3. She telephoned angered at the ...
 Yes, 2 & 3 are reduced statements. I would use a common to indicate that words are missing (these sentences are a bit informatl.)
2. She telephoned, hoping for a job.
The full statement would be something like:
She telephoned because she was hoping ...
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