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Are there any differences between the following two? These are the reasons why I enjoy going there. These are the reasons as to why I enjoy going there. If both OK, which one is more common? Thanks.
 Just say This is why I enjoy going there or These are the reasons I enjoy going there.
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Actually i am planning to give steps exam and i am practing the 10days trail version in pearson.I want to find the information questions with answer means which quetsion is correct and which one is wrong. Could you please help me to find the ...
 This is an English grammar forum. What is your grammar question?
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An example written in my book is 'You put your sweat on inside out.' Is it right to change 'your sweat' into 'your sweats'?
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1. Adding five holidays did not make the Egyptians' yearly calendar right. 2. Adding a five-day holiday did not make the Egyptians' yearly calendar right. Which is correct?
 They are both grammatically correct, but do not necessarily mean the same. The first could refer to holidays at five different times of the year, and we don't know how long the holidays were. The second tells us clearly that only one holiday was ...
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I am now reading the section of 'do so.' It says: We use 'do so' to refer to the same action, with the same subject, that was mentioned before. In other cases, we prefer 'do it/that or do alone.' In which case, is it possible to interpret this ...
 In section 162 of the third edition, Swan writes (my emphasis added) before the words you quoted in your first post. :
The expression do so can be used to avoid repeating a verb and its object or complement.
  Yes. I see the line you quoted in the book I have here.(Actually, mine is digital one) And then, here comes the following.
I haven’t got time to get the tickets. Who’s going to do it? (NOT … Who’s going to do so?)
I rode a camel in Morocco. ~ I’d ...
 Those examples follow immediately after the lines you quoted originally. The verbs in the two clauses have different subjects.
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