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Could anybody of you tell me where I can have a free model test of TOFEL and IELTS exam? I mean whether there is any website that I can do the the model tests? Many thanks in advance.
  Can anyone tell me which test is more widely spread in English spoken countries: IELTS, TOFEL or CAE?
And which one would you advise me to take?
Thanks in advance!
  That's an unanswerable question. Need to know a little bit more about you and your needs.
The benefit of CAE is that unlike TOEFL and IELTS it never expires but it probably has less recognition value worldwide. If you are staying in country then ...
I am giving you the name of website from where you can have the model test papers of IELTS and
The name of website is scribd.com
I hope i helped you.
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This is a real discovery for me. It's Google News Timeline . It is a form of RSS reader that allows you to look at related stories over a period of time: for example with one click you can look at stories related to "health" for the past week. It has lots of ...
  my name pat,thank you for accept my add
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Here are some common tips that I do not recommend for IELTS exam day. Speaking Always give a long answer and keep on speaking until the examiner stops you. This will only make you incoherent. Reading Never spend more than one and a half minutes on any ...
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sometimes, I have hard time to undersatnd a graph especially in a short time for example ielts exam I need time to understand, i'm dying to figure it out very quickly how can I understand a graph quickly?
I am afraid this has nothing to do with English...
You might consider doing some practice in your own language before trying to explain a graph in English. If you're not able to do this quickly enough, then you have to deepen your knowledge of ...
  Another place to look is
The Economist Chart of the Day .
It gives you very IELTS types charts and you get the bonus of a written analysis too.
A really practical tip
Be sure to identify what the key points are: perhaps the most common error is to fail to make a difference ...
  Just to reply to myself - bad form I know, but I have just put together a video tutorial (13 mins long) on this, with more to follow. Part of the problem as mentioned is that it is not entirely a language problem. There are, however, definite ...
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