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    ENGLISH CONVERSATION PRACTICE _________________________________ Experience the easiest way to improve your conversation skills @ Don't you get Opportunity to Practice Conversation? @ Do you Hesitate to Speak English in front of others? @ Do you need to be Fluent in English to Deal with your Customers? @ Do you face Problem while Travelling? @ Do you want to Communicate with People of other countries? @ Do you want to Learn a New Language for fun? With me you can practice English conversation.You can choose your topic of conversation or I can provide some topics.I also have different lesson plans to boost your conversation skills. And in this way you will enjoy talking English online as well as improve you english communication skills. Practise ENGLISH CONVERSATION - Learn GRAMMAR, IMPROVE your ENGLISH language skills, ** TAKING NEW STUDENTS ** $12/hr or $6/30 min, HURRY UP!! -:EXPERIENCE THE EASIEST WAY TO PRACTISE ENGLISH:- ____________________________________________ I have been teaching students from different countries -Turkey,Portugal,Spain,Korea,Brazil,Poland,Israel, USA,Canada,Singapore,Saudi Arab.I can assure,you will improve day by day with these English classes. __________________________________________ @ LEARN GRAMMAR @ CONVERSATION. @ SOLVE TEST LESSONS @ GET HELP IN ASSIGNMENTS @ PROOFREADING @ CORRECTION OF THE GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES, IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS & BE CONFIDENT. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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