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replied to 's question.
Emotion: wave Hi everyone. If someone helps me to solve this problem in grammar, I would be very thankful! Emotion: smile The sentence I feel strange about is the following. The bells and whistles originally referred to were those found on old fairground organs. Nowadays, the ...
  I love it. Thanks.
CalifJimCan you elaborate on this?
Lana's post on censorship was instructive. It recalled a case a couple of months ago where MrM and I couldn't figure why the word "expression" was replaced by "###" (actually asterisks).
She said that if the poster himself tries to hide the ...
  Apparently one asterisk doesn't trigger the effect.
commented on their own question.
Hello everyone! Emotion: smile Some questions were coming up with my head while watching TV drama 'Supernatural'. There were scripts like following. 1. If the ghosts are in hell, how can they hear the chanting? 2. If the ghosts were in hell, how could they hear the ...
  Because these are questions, I don't sense that they are true conditional structures.
I interpret them as ordinary present tense and past tense questions.
How can this happen [if/when/given that] this is the situation?
How could that happen ...
 Thank you very much!! Emotion: smile
replied to an anonymous question.
Hello everyone. I have a question. I´d like to know which sentence is right. Emotion: thinking 1. Who do you think I am? 2. Who do you think am I? Of the two, which is right? and Why? Thanks a lot and Adiós!
 Thank you very much!! Emotion: smile
  To anonymous writer.
I wasn't second-guessing about the answers I had already received from others. In fact, I thought this post wasn't posted because at that time, I couldn't find this one so I mistakenly thought that I had to log-in to post ...
AnonymousHello everyone. I have a question....
One ...
commented on their own question.
Hello everyone! I have a question. Of the next two sentences, Which is right? and WHY? Emotion: shake 1. Who do you think I am? 2. Who do you think am I? I think "the second" is grammartically right but many people seem to use the first one So I am confused. The fol ...
cenicero1. Who do you think I am?
2. Who do you think am I?
Only do you think is a direct real question, I am isn't. Therefore sentence 1 is correct.
ceniceroWhat do you think are the key attitudinal, behavioral,...
From a strictly grammatical point of view, are is in the wrong place and should be placed at the end: What do you think the key attitudinal, behavioral, ...
  Thank you very much!!
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