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    I'm very keen on japanese and korean cultures. I'd like to meet people from those countries to exchange somo knowledge. As for me, I'm from South America, Peru. I'm a fluent English speaker. I also speak Italian,Portuguese,Spanish some Japanese, little bit of Korean, and I'm just learning French. Yeah way too much languages, and that's because I'm studying Translations at the University. Next year I'll be transferring myself to CANTAB, for those who don't know this abbrevation, is The University of Cambridge in England. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm here only to improve some English issues I have,not here to hook up with anybody,that's just not something I like to do on the net. However I may become a friend of yours and give you my email address if you're Japanese or Korean XD hahahahaha... or If I like you enough to give it in ;)
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