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  I started my career by writing for a number of print magazines. One day a friend introduced me to the world of online writing and strangely enough, I found myself pretty engrossed in it within the span of just a few weeks! Soon I resigned from my ...
Wants English chat: Yes Looking for: Friendship, Networking
  Hi Martha,
It's really nice knowing you. I am really impresed with the kind of work you are doing. Wish you all the best. Health and fitness is really important subject and also if everyone gets aware of the importance of it, we could have healthy ...
Please add me to your friend's list.. I'm interested in friendship and networking. I like meeting different people all over the world. I'm always online.. you can reach me via yahoo or google talk.
Talk soon! Emotion: smile
replied to 's question.
download programs: downloads.html / online best lessons: / hey everyone OSAMA BIN LADIN KNOWS ENGLISH LANGUAGE. he is good at english he he he.. you can win english language.. stick to it guys ...
  This is really useful. Thanks! I knew something good would come out of me joining this community.
  I think that if anyone is really interested in learning english that too online than you should search for english training course online,, you will find lots options that you can choose from.......
((link removed by mod. Please don't advertise ...
 Thanks a bunch for these helpful links. Much appreciated! Emotion: smile
replied to an anonymous question.
Dear All, Could somebody please tell me how to pronounce the acronym 'WAAS' (wide area augmentation system)? FORVO didn't help much with this ... they treat 'WAAS' as an abbreviation, not acronym. Never heard native English speakers pronouncing ...
  Hmm, this acronym is new to me, I must say!
Anonymous  Hi there,
<< Hmm, this acronym is new to me,
USA is a car culture :-) Many cars are equipped with GPS. Most car navigators use GPS and WAAS. ( WAAS is something that allows your GPS navigator to perform better [ = higher accuracy and ...
Anonymous  Hi Gleb,
THanks for pointing to the similar pronunciation patterns ( WAAC and WAAF ).
It is good "food for thought"!
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