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    Hi There, I am Capt. Javed Safdar working here in Dubai. I am looking for friends with whom I can go out & enjoy. I love going to movies, love eating out, will try anything atleast once for fun. I am very straightforward, do not believe in beating around the bush, I come straight to the point. I hate Liars. Even if I stand to lose, I will tell the Truth. I respect everybody. I respect All Women, irrespective of Caste, Color, Creed or Religion. My firm belief is that God Created Women to Be Respected, Loved, Taken Care Of & Pampered by Men. My present job is as a Master (Captain) on a Mega Pleasure Yacht here in Dubai. Previous to this job I was serving on Container Ships of various Foreign Companies. Hope To Find Nice Friends In Dubai. Love. Javed Safdar
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