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    Hi everyone! I'm currently studying to become an English Translator (in my country, it's a BA) and I'd love to find a good friend with whom I could speak English and talk about anything: life, religion, philosophy, music, hobbies, etc, etc. I love travelling, going out with friends and all that stuff. English is one of my many passions, and travelling to England or the US is one of my main personal aims. I also speak Spanish (that's my mothertongue) and Portuguese. I am very open-minded, fun-loving, cheerful and supportive and I love chatting and meeting new people. I actually have plenty of friends at home, but I wanted to give multiculturalism a try. If you are looking for someone to share a few laughs or to talk about life, send me a pm! Looking forward to meeting you already!:) Hope we can develop a fantastic, beautiful and lasting friendship!
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