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commented on their own question.
Hello everyone, I'm not sure which forum my question may fall under, so forgive me if I posted to a wrong forum. Quoting from PBS site: The Roman philosopher Seneca knew that "it is useful to be assured that the heavings of the earth are not the ...
I checked the original text (here ): "Illud quoque proderit praesumere animo, nihil horum deos facere, nec ira numinum aut caelum concuti aut terram: suas ista causas habent."
"praesumere animo" ("to be assured" in the English version) carries the ...
SouroinHello everyone,
I'm not sure which forum my question...
Quoting from PBS site: The Roman philosopher Seneca knew that "it is useful to be assured that the... ( ), I can't get the feeling of the...
If you believe in superstitious causes for the earth's temblings, you'll never get to the real cause. It is not 'useful' to use anything other than scientific observations.  ...
 Hello Tanit and Philip,
I'm terribly sorry that I didn't write my thanks to both of you for help quick enough as it actually took bit of time to take in - but I think I did now. Thanks for your help.
Tanit, your idea is quite interesting... I wish ...
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Hello everyone, This is a except from Collin Dictionary CD ROM version under "nefarious": "Why make a whole village prisoner if it was not to some nefarious purpose?" Can anybody clarify "Why 'what' make a whole villages prisoner if...", I mean I ...
 Why [would anyone] make a whole village prisoner if it was not to some nefarious purpose?
 Hellow, Mr. 'Mister' Micawber
Thanks for your reply for clarifying my question. It was helpful.
Best wishes
Anonymous replied to 's question.
hello, everyone, In reading an article from Washington Post (URL ), I came across with this expression as in the title "seventh circle of (real estate) hell". Could anybody explain simply what this stands for? Through web search I found the ...
 They probably meant ninth circle.
It's simply an exaggeration. If hell is awful, then the seventh circle is worse than awful.
Just an idiom to mean really truly terribly awful.
 Hello Vorpar,
Thank you for your comment. As you pointed out, it seems rather ninth would be suitable if the phrase was meant something other than just an exaggeration. It's interesting to find many other expressions using the numerals from first ...
Anonymous The seventh circle of hell is where the gamblers are meant to go - weirdly they come under "Violence against Oneself" and are therefore lumped in with suicides etc.
commented on their own question.
Hello everyone, Quote " The licence awarded yesterday by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) allows only experimental use of the technique and not the implantation into a womb of any resultant embryo.": Excerpt from an artile ...
 Hi CalifJim
First of all thanks for your reply. Do you see the article put emphasis on implantation "in to the womb" rather than "of any resultant embryo" perhaps or another reason, or you can't really tell me with only a given sentence - you need ...
  I don't feel there is any difference in meaning between the two versions, no particular emphasis on one thing or another. It's just that your version seems to illustrate the more standard word order - at least to my ear.
The difference is ...
 Hi, Jim
Sorry for not writing here to say thank you more quicker enough, and I thank you for your reply and patience for replying again - the previous answer was enough to explain what is written in the 2nd reply - just didn't get what you ...
replied to 's question.
Hello everyone, First, there are two things A and B. B is smaller than A by two thirds in length, A is 3 c and B is 2 cm. I know an expression to say this in 'B is two thirds of A". Then, do you say "B is smaller than A by two thirds" to ...
  Hello Paco,
Thank you for your comment. I probably needed more checking on the internet to see how this kind expressions are used in what kind of context, but just checked to see only this sort of expression are used. I can't tell how the ...
  Hello souroin
How about using a phrase "by a factor of ~"?
I found in Oxford English Dictionary a quote using this phrase. "The retarded position [z] is less than the original z by a factor of 1/{1+(v/c)}" (Corrson and Lorrain "Electromagnetic ...
  To sourin,
A) Supposing your income is $1000 and now IT is going to be increased BY 1/3, how much will your income be, may I ask?
B) Supposing Tom's income is $1000 and yours is 2/3 OF his, how much is your income?
When you say "A is ...
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