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I quit two things when I turned 29 a month ago. Drinking and being a drama queen. I dream of having my own bookstore and wall-to-wall library someday. Books keep me going. A self-confessed 80's-90's culture fan, I think most of the kids today don't make sense anymore. FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, and GLEE occupies my iTouch. Sheldon Cooper is my ideal partner. Yakult is my poison of choice. When I'm not busy bossing my Boss around, I enjoy designing statement shirts and planning attacks on Mafia Wars. I believe Anna Nalick, Michelle Featherstone, India Arie, and the Spice Girls are my sisters from another mister. To be able to stand/balance on a surfboard for more than 30 seconds, getting "VERIFIED" on Twitter and seeing my face on a humongous Jumbotron in a UST game are just 3 of the things included in my bucket list. My constant battlecry is "Been There, Will Do More." I'm hoping to meet friends from all over the world and learn more about their culture.
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