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hi, I am 23 years old. My friends say that I am very tough and strong-minded. When I start to argue with someone about some matter, which I find interesting, I am really a difficult opponent in discussion. People generally like me. I am nice to people, but if I don't like someone, I may be really nasty. I am very active and I meet many people and I am interested in many things. It is nearly impossible to scare me with something. I have many hobbies. My most important hobby is sport . I love dance, fitness ,martial art such as muy thai,cycling and noim trying to learn swim. Moreover, I love reading books, especially crime stories. I am also keen on music- I love many different kinds of music and I choose favorite songs according to my mood and the situation I am in.As most of the woman in my age I have different moods. Sometimes I get sad without any special reason. In such situations, I usually go to the cinema or eat lots of ice creams Sorry for my eariler mistakes i didn't notice it
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