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你好,我很高兴认识你! Hello there. Nice to meet you here! My name is Marko but people call me Mark. I'm freelance photographer and graphic designer. My dream is to visit Japan and Korea and especially China. I adore this country, their long history, their traditions and especially their delicious cuisine. I truly hope that I'll get a chance to live and work in this beautiful country. Because of that I started to studying Chinese Mandarin language. My Chinese is still at a beginner level. I only know to speak about 500 everyday phrases. But I have a lot of Chinese friends who help me in learning. If everything goes well I should go to Beijing in spring next year. I'm so excited, this will be my first trip to China. I'm a very friendly person and I want to be friends with as many people around the world and especially from Asia. In that way I'll have a oportunity to meet people of different nationality and get a chance to learn something new and to exchange life experience. Hope we will be good friends! Regards, Mark.
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