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I’m a male ,22years old and student from India.These things I love most in life are my parents , Internet and kids. I am living in Hyderabad for 6 months, and I really love it. I am a future scientist in Molecular biology, my future project on mapping of the human genome have identified other genetic causes of low vision or blindness. if things go on well no one in the earth suffers from Albinism and blind from birth. Hopefully I cracked it by all means On week days you’ll usually find me at work , at the library. On the weekends in movie theatres ,long ride, when I came here lifestyle changed myself I like to stay in my room and do time killing things My idea of the perfect day would start with i woke up 10 ^clock . And then I’d go to work . Later I’d had a lunch . And I’d top it all off by kissing my dream lady . The kinds of people I enjoy the most are ones who are parents and friends . That’s important to me because they introduce me to this earth.
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