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’s only after you’ve lost everything that you are free to do anything.”
Fight Club

Long have I been traversing life’s labyrinthine paths, yet no phenomenon whatsoever lured me into its inviting embrace with such irresistible force as the English language; I am its devotee, its admirer, protector and teacher, even though I feel I will never fully grow to deserve that last title. I nonetheless resolve every single day to keep my incessant struggle for perfection alive and pursue the attainable, the mastery with which such great writers as Lovecraft or Joyce wove their baffling, word-drenched worlds. Doubt pervades my every sentence and diffidence besets my every English thought, hence my presence here – this place gives me what I’ve always dreamt of, that is, the opportunity to seek advise from those who were blessed with being born in an English-speaking country and who are benevolent enough to share that invaluable gift with people like me.
And since the beauty of English is boundless and true mastery of it unattainable, my journey continues with me not even inching towards its completion, should such a place (or state) even exist, that is. In the meanwhile, I try to sprinkle those minute, trembling remnants of my leisure time with art, primarily in the form of drawing, music and movies, but only those which have the capacity to inspire, enrich and broaden my perception of reality. I seek true, unbiased and unobstructed understanding, hence I’ve long since abandoned all irrational beliefs, prejudice, over-generalisations, faith and superstitions, the vestiges of which, however, perhaps still linger and lurk in the uttermost recesses of my mind, as the propensity to impose structure on the surrounding chaos lies at the very core of human cognition, and as such can only be somewhat subdued with cold, merciless reason, but never fully eradicated.
Were it possible to reforge the essence of my soul into sound, it would, in all probability, assume the following form:
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