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Is that correct? "an interpretation based on authentic Judaism" Thank you all!
 Grammatically it's okay, but in terms of meaning it's not as clear. "Authentic Judaism" is a rather strange phase. Who decides what forms of Judaism are authentic? What is being interpreted, and by whom? Could you give us at least a complete ...
The sentence is:
a radical interpretation of Walter Benjamin's ZUR KRITIK DER GEWALT based on authentic Judaism.
Thank you!
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Discipline: Brazil and the United States: history, intellectual itineraries and political culture in institutions building. The purpose of this course is to compare the historical turning point that took place in the process of independence and ...
Do you mean you want to teach the seminar, or to attend it?
Why do you have to write the description in English? Will the seminar be in English?
I'm asking because your text needs a great deal of work.
In addition, do you feel your English is good ...
  I can understand English really really well. I do have many problems in translate any text in English because I compare to latin languages... I don't mind your questions about my English... Portuguese and Spanish are more "sophisticated" ...
  And it is to attend the seminar...
Thank you for your help.
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I am an American English writer/speaker who created these lists of words for use in my writing job. There are over 70 subjects, each divided by parts of speech. I hope you can use this site to help with your learning, essays, and writing. / Thanks ...
 Added to my fav. Thanks!
 Hi, I have passions about language, which it makes hard to be fluent in English. Sounds crazy? I will explain. I don't like to kill any language with my mistakes, so I don't give a go. *If you write down something, you just make the crime official. So that ...
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