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Sorely Love In Singing And Listening Music (o_o) Wanna Love Someone Deeply/Truly 4ever (^_^) Name: Simon Z High: 179 cm Weight: 65 Kg Blood Type :A Ideal Women: I wanna meet with the lass who's deserving my life 4ever. Motto: No Pain No Gain Favorite Singer :Michael Jackson ,Leona Lewis Nickname:: SmileZ Favorite color: Black, white,Green Favorite fruit: Watermelon and Apple,Orange,^^!!!♥ Age: 21 Orientation: Straight Hate: Liars,Sweet stuff ,Waiting 4 some1 without reason :X BD Interests: Music,Fashion ,Modeling,Art,Watching movies(Action/Horror/drama) Like: Singing,Learning something special, Original Country:Burma Feelings: WOW,I had only one special feeling for my dream lass(O_O). I ♥ Ever So Much My DAD & MOM
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