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    Hello.My name is Alon and I'm from israel,15 years old.I like everything about sport,music,movies and etc. If I talk to a serious person, i don't have any problem with arguing about politics or any subject else that comes up in his mind. I've registered this website to achieve a couple of purposes at the same time.In my opinion,either purpose has its own importence. The first one is to study english and the second is to enjoy meeting new friends on it. As a teenager in a developing generation i figure out how required english is worldwide.Without it,you're nothing in simple words. When I go over some newspapers i realize more and more about the harsh acception conditions to a job. Most of the Hitech companies (which are my favorite ones) require fluent english. Fluent english should be built up since the childhood-You wouldn't go across the street,proud of yourself about studying english in a single day. No one has happened to do this. Briefly i don't know about this website so much but it seems pretty good meanwhile. I hope it will keep impressing me later. Have a good time learning English in a fun way !
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