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About me

Hello Everyone. You may call me DAISY or Capriblogger. I am just an ordinary person, a nonnative English speaker who loves reading and blogging,love the other culture & languages matters, I also admire other person's writing/blog because I believe when knowledge is shared with others, it grows and glows within ourselves. Honestly, I am looking for a volunteer online buddy,especially a native speaker of English and they could be a lecturer, teacher or kind hearted person who interested to be my new online friends. Sure, we may keep in touch via email (Email removed); my Tweeter @capriblogger; or perhaps we may share your greatest ideas & positive comments for my Blog http:// Thank you for stopping by to view my profile. "There's nothing in the world quite as comfortable - and comforting - as a long-term friendship".-Best Regards, CAPRIBLOGGER.
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