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    A journalist for over 20 years holding senior positions in Sri Lanka, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, specialising in political and financial journalism.Utter flop in marriage.Strong religious persuasions - Christianity. Not tolerant of other views becausde of very, very deep experience andf perception [ intellectual, spiritual : theoretical and experiential] Appreciate metaphysical poetry also stuff by Brodsky, Allen Poe, Auden, Gibran [ when nothing else is at hand, that;s what happens when the wife bolts, see? anything, even Gibran, will do !] Great animal lover [ which is perhaps why I married in the first place] Could gladly kill drug lords.Great admirer of the essence of democracy in the US.Don't talk to me about royalty, less you're tired of living! Ah yes! got a black belt in karate, 9th Dan..picked it up at a local karateka's funeral wait when the forlorn wife was not looking. Love boxing, especially against a skinny opponent.Love the fairer sex too...addicted? Hmm...need to check that out.Homosexuality makes me sick, lesbians..ah! such pathetically twisted girls, soured so badly in girlhood.The Tamils of Sri Lanka...such lovely people who've suffered hell, lacking a Mandela. Cricket..the most amazing human mind-body coordination, can spend days inside an art gallery...
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