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 I am a boy from Iran want to make new friends from other countries. I love books and magazine and i love movies. i have a weblog too.
Wants English chat: Yes
Anonymous  hi martin15. i would like to improve my english and meet some new friends too
  hi. i am a girl from poland. nice to meet you
  me too
replied to 's question.
Hye everyone! I want to ask that ,am I using "rather" in the below sentence right. Situation Mother to daughter-;I brought this perfume for You from paris. Daughter-;Yes mom it smells very nice.but I want that golden wrist watch! Mother-;But It ...
  rather uses for negative (-) sentence and fairly for positive (+) sentences.
  I just explained the grammar point of "rather" and "fairly"
Anonymous The use of "rather" has been bothering me for some time. The problem is I see it used in the place of "whether." For example, "Rather you go to the store or go home, it matters not to me." As has been pointed out upthread, it sounds too formal ...
  hi i am 15
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