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 The usual expression is honorary title -
it is used when giving or showing great respect to another person.
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The walls were lined with books. Can you show me a picture, well depicted by this sentence? I've only clicked on one picture, on one of the pages, but there should be many examples on this site, via the link above.
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How to tell correctly? I want to speak, not write or I want to speak, not to write
 Both are acceptable and would be understood.
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I heard the below sentence in the movie, "The school of Rock" You're gonna be a funny little footnote on my epic ass. I added a chapter contained it for your better answer. The lines go like: ----------------------------------------------------------- ...
 It means that the person who wrote this, clearly hasn't heard about the expression :
Pride comes before a fall. (British & Australian) also Pride goes before a fall. (American)
something that you say which means if you are too confident about ...
ljswaveYou're gonna be a funny little...
He expresses himself crudely and rudely, as befits the rock star he wants to be. That is a comedy script, and that line is not normal English. You could almost say that the writer had the character misspeak in confusion to show the extremity of ...
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Please reserve a room for me on the 16th to the 23rd. Is this sentence ok? Thanks!
 It would certainly be understood, but better to say :
"Please reserve a room for me between the 16th and the 23rd (of) (month)."
You should also be careful when booking accommodation to indicate whether the booking is inclusive of those dates - that ...
supanova7It would certainly be understood, but...
I know it would be understood, but is the prepositions used correctly? I like your suggestion and will put it to good use, but could you tell me if these would work?
Please reserve a room for me for the 16th to the 23rd of Jan. And
Please reserve ...
I'd say
Please reserve a room for me from the 16th to the 23rd, inclusive.
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