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Hello, Please check the grammatical and the meaning of this sentences: I am very glad that she has progressive minds and accepts hardship for education. Thank you !
I am very glad that she has progressive minds and accepts hardship for education.:
I am very glad that she has a progressive mind and accepts hardship for the sake of her education.
 Thank you so much for your fast answer.Emotion: smile
Anonymous  of course,you have to be seriously with what your are doing at the moment,put you potential and companion.
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Hello all, English is my second language. So please be so kind to help me write a recommendation letter for applying a schoolarship for Master's Degree. Thank you so much for your help:. This is my draft: Dear Dr. xxx As a parish pastor , I am very ...
Anonymous Please, any body help me fix this? I really need this by end of this week. I really appreciate your help.....Emotion: cryingEmotion: crying
 Could anybody help me for this letter, please!!!
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20 Most Common Idioms in English...and what...

The English language is one of the vastest and most vivid languages in the world. It is made up of over 1.5 million words. Over and above that, the same word can have a variety of different meanings depending on the context it ...
 #3 isn't really correct - a 'hot potato' is used to mean something no one wants to deal with. Something that gets passed around, and on quickly as no one wants to handle it too long (imagine trying to hold a hot potato!) Emotion: smile
  cant make an omlett without breaking the egg
  it sux w/o context
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