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asked a question.
I am an American ESL instructor studying Mandarin Chinese.  I have found that it is very convenient to teach a language over Skype internet telephony.  I had my first English/Mandarin language exchange session today with a lady from Guangdong ...
replied to an anonymous post.
like i know its wrong but why ?
  Glad you like the videos, Alex.  Check out for more stuff like that.
 Again thanks Emotion: smile Added the site to my favourites Emotion: smile
 It cannot be achieved without a global government, or vise versa.
  Experienced ESL teacher, also proficient in Russian, studying Mandarin Chinese. I am looking for a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese to exchange English language lessons, for Chinese language conversation practice. Also, I am willing to teach ...
Wants English chat: Yes Looking for: Networking
  hello, i have added you as a friend in skype. My name is doubleyellow in the skype.nice to me you!
  Hi Doubleyellow, I just tried to call you on Skype.  Anyway, I'm there on Skype, we exchanged contacts. Let me know when is a good time to start working on your English and my Chinese. Rob
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