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About me

Well my name is Mohammad., and I am just your simple kind of guy who have a simple lifestyle. I enjoy music and literature, they are running in my blood, and I have a very sophisticated taste in them as I think they are the palm for our broken hearts and scared souls. I enjoy music as well, and I am a fan of all music genres without exception. I hold Bachelor degree in English Literature, and will be doing my Master's in Translation on next December Allah willing. My dreams are very simple, more than you can imagine, it is all concerned with my educational ambitions and romance life. I like the way I am, internaly and externaly, and I do not care about what other people think of me. This is me, the real me, take it or leave it. I'm here looking for friends mainly, not for any other kinds of intimate relationships. I have been through alot, and found out that concerning myself in affairs of family, friends, relatives, education and work gives me peace of mind more than chasing after the so-called Love. My future partner could be very different from me or quite similar from me in many ways, so we would enjoy the similarities and respect the differences, because I believe that there is no couple in the whole world are alike. My favourite qoute is Never Ever Take Anybody For Granted. Note: If I sent you a message or added you as a friend and you were not interested, kindly let me find out.
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