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    ME IN 30 SECONDS: A greeting, my name is Sue. I have over 30 years of enterprising work experience in arts and humanities career fields. I am a teacher, public servant and business manager. Recently, I served as an Ambassador for the United States through Geovisions Conversation Corp serving in France. I am looking for employment positions in the arts, teaching professional development in education or as a public service. I am a scholar and a creative artist, skilled educator, character traits of Oprah Winfrey, Mary Hart and Alex Trebek. My communication style is rapport talk versus report talk. Are you looking to hire someone with my skills? I am cheerful and have dry humor. I am supportive, fair and committed to professional development in education. I am an advocate and overcome adversity. I thrive and am a survivor. My accomplishments make me responsive to the needs and interests of others, particularly in management. I like to talk, which makes me a great public speaker.
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