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    Joyce has been an ESL teacher for more than ten years teaching mostly in U.S. universities. She has taught hundreds of ESL students from over 70 different countries. Her students are at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Joyce is experienced in teaching all the language skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking. Joyce is constantly rated as excellent/exceptional by her hundreds of students who commended on her effective, successful, yet simple method of teaching the elusive English language. Joyce understands what it means to struggle with the English language, as she started really learning it in her early teens with a lot of determination, perspiration, and courage. It has been a difficult, nevertheless, successful, rewarding journey because mastering the English language has opened many windows of opportunities—so don’t give up learning English! Presently, Joyce is taking a sabbatical break but misses teaching ESL. She loves to challenge her students and empower them with the necessary English skills to excel in the U.S. universities. She specializes in helping students do well in their TOEFL. Taking her TOEFL class will be demanding as she expects her students to come to class having done their homework assignments and ready to learn more so that they can improve their TOEFL scores significantly.
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