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replied to 's question.
Hello teachers, Context: Ancient Romans also had a version of take-out food. Pompeii is filled with shops that contain dishes to hold or display food. Many shops had built-in stoves that allowed them to cook and serve food. Types of foods that have ...
 Yes, correct. Emotion: smile
commented on their own question.
Hello teachers, Could you proofread this paragraph, please? Do I need a common after 'so' in the last sentence? “Remember, always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants” This sentence means that all  ...
Tenacious LearnerSo how can white Americans today want...
I think the comma is optional. I myself would use it. ...
Tenacious Learner“Remember, always, that all of us,...
From my perspective, I think you don't need all the commas and it can be concisely shortened:
Always remember, all of us ( including you and me) are descendants of immigrants. ...
 Hello teachers,
Thanks a lot for your help. Emotion: smile
replied to 's question.
Hello teachers, Could you proofread this paragraph? Particularly the blue part. I've changed that from the original because the sudden change of tense, from past to present, doesn't make sense to me. The origal was like this: "... But, on the other ...
AlpheccaStars The original is better. The...
Hello A-Emotion: stars
Interesting point of view. I really didn't see that one. Though in order to ask questions about the text only in the past to the students, and just for the sake of those questions, don't you think it will be possible the way I wrote it? Emotion: thinking
TL ...
 Hello MR,
Than you for your reply and help.
Tenacious Learnerdon't you think it will be possible...
Of course, it is possible.  ...
replied to 's question.
Hello teachers, This is how the sergeant answered the policeman. Direct Speech: The sergeant answered, "The house isn't far. Besides, you've got your bike." Since 'besides' here is an adverb and means 'moreover' or in addition' would 'and he added ...
Thomas TompionHello TL. It's good to meet you over...Likewise. Emotion: smile
Interesting question, as usual. Your...Thank you for the correction.
Notice that we don't usually answer...I really thought that in reported...that they were just his work clothes.
Best wishes, TT . The very best TL
 Hello Thomas Tompion,
Then the only possibilities with the verb 'answer' in reported speech are:
a) Jack answered to her that they were just his work clothes.
b) Jack answered her they were just his work clothes.
The ones that are underlined and in ...
  c) Jack answered they were just his work clothes.
You have already set up the 'her' in your reporting, so don't need to repeat 'her' or 'to her'. You could also freshen it into the present by:
d) Jack answered, 'These are just my work clothes.'
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