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Q: Different cultures_______dreams in different ways A. interpret B.associate D.interfere I choose C, but the correction is A. I don't understand. Please explain it to me. thanks!
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Hi kind people I got a trouble in understanding the sentence "Thanks in part to Beijing's efforts on air quality, SUV makers are in for a fun ride for a while yet." It appears to me that " be in for a fun ride" means sth still "positive" But I fail ...
 SUV makers are in for a fun ride = SUV makers can still freely build and sell their non-environmental vehicles.
 It's possible, however, that the tone is ironic - you'd need to read the surrounding sentences to be sure.
CSnyderIt's possible, however, that the tone...
Yes, that makes more sense, doesn't it? ...
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Hi Helpers and teachers There is my question, any kind one would like to help? The sentence style "May the luck be with you; May the god be with you; May this year bring you a fortune" I am not sure I write it right. My concern is about the verbs in ...
 Your problem isn't with the verbs it is with the articles.
May luck with you (this isn't very natural). May god be with you. May this year bring you fortune.
Fortune (uncoutable) - Luck.
A fortune (countable) - Lots of money.
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Could you guys please elaborate on what is the actual difference between a MoU and Letter of Agreement. Please specify on it. I have already read bulk of material but could not yet differenciate it. Raees Khan, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Hi everyone Can someone Plz explain to me what is the primay judge , I am reading the case under Australia jurisdiction. I suppose it means the only judge in the lower level court like Full Court rather than High Court. Is it correct? Thx Gerry
 Are you reading an appeal case?
I guess "primary judge" refers to the judge who made the first decision in the case. In this context we often talk about the court of "first instance", the place where the trial was held.
 Hi John
Thanks, yes it is an appealed case . Put you explaination in the context, it does make sense.
Thanks a lot.
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