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Hi, dears. Here's an excerpt from a dictionary: "so that 1 with the purpose that; in order that I'll wash this dress so that you can wear it. 2 with the result that He got up very late, so that he missed the bus and was late for work." And here's a ...
  From my message: What should I add so that it mean a result/will mean. ? Are they both that equally good here?
  Leave early so that you don't/won't be late.-- OK
Please, arrive early so that we can/will be able to /might/ start the meeting on time.-- Or just 'start'.
The guard left his post so that the criminal was able to enter. <--- Here, as I ...
 Emotion: happy Thanks a lot.
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Hi! What is the rule for using TO or -ing in sentences like this: To get up and go to bed early is best. The usual round of duties for a doctor is to check up patients, cure them and so on and so forth.   I'd welcome an expert opinion and would be ...
  There is no rule. Generally, the '-ing' form appears in the subject position (as in your first sentence). '-Ing' suggests the ongoing activity, while 'to' suggests the potentiality of the action, and most usages are based on that difference.  ...
  In this way I should better say
Getting up and going to bed early is the best with a way too subtle difference from To get up and go... ?
  I think so, yes.
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