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  DEAR ALL ,COULD YOU HELP ME PROOF READ THIS LETTER FOR CORRECTION. Application Letter for Study Transfer I hereby apply for study transfer from my present institution to your reputable institution. I am currently a student of International ...
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Dear Friends, I kindly beg you to help me perfect this write up,it a letter of sponsorship from my aunty to finance education ,I help her to go on errand for her business without official paycheck(but she has been responsible for all my needs ...
 Hello any body there ????? Thank you for your assistance
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Dear friends, I have been granted a permanent residence to study in xyz country which i was notify by email ,I am requested to send a cover letter and my international passport to the embassy for the final process. help me with the cover letter ...
 Dear Sir/Madam,
Pursuant to your notification email received from the Embassy of XYZ and dated xx August 20011, I herewith submit my passport for the residence permit you have kindly granted me.
• Name: John Messi
•Telephone : 312 xxx xxx
• E‐mail: ...
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My organization has offered one of our staff grant/scholarship for his educational expenses ,feeding expenses and accommodation. The below is what I was able to compose,Please help me add ,modify . We at (company name ), (company address), write to ...
 Hello, banjeezy - and welcome to English Forums.
Company name has granted our staff member, Name, the sum of €6,000 per year to cover his living expenses and educational expenses during the course of his study at XYZ University. We have released ...
 Thank you Mister,please note that am address this to the embassy on behalf of the staff.Is there any other information I should Add.Thank you
 You might want to add contact information:
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at Email Removed.
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