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 Hi everyone! I am from Belgrade, Serbia, and I am a student of English language and at the Belgrade University. However, I have partially abandoned my studies due to my work commitments. I am hoping to sit my CPE this June and I stumbled upon this ...
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  Hi starful, welcome to the site! (Belgrade is one of my favourite cities - I'm living there now)
  welcom strtful, u r more than wellcom
  Nice to meet you, if you need help with your studies, feel free to message me.
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From Paper 1 (Reading) of the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) of the University of Cambridge , Part 1. In this part candidates are asked to read three extracts and to answer a total of 18 questions, six per extract. Here are some directions and suggestions ...
TanitMaybe you simply underestimate...
Nope! Just because I guess most of the terms, doesn't mean I can use them, understand them, etc. If I were able to write an essay using those words correctly, and with that style, I could say I know English at "that" level. In other words, those ...
 4 out of 6. It's really hard! Emotion: smile
 6 out of 6...
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