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  Also have a online gambling ,hha
  Just get away from gambling
 What is your question, please?
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Please give me some advice or tips regarding - how to speak English fluently?
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Hello, Does the sentence "our world in English" have different meanings ? And what are they? Thank you!
  thank you
 I also have the same feeling. Now it seems that the reference book which gives the meaning "a book about learning English" has just made a mistake.Thank you!
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English pronunciation and accent reduction

Welcome To Our Brand New English Pronunciation And Accent Reduction Section! We also have a large collection of pronunciation videos. Try pointing your mouse at one of the green arrows below to see how it works: liked disturbed performed exposed  ...
  Thanks alot
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I want to mail a letter to a friend in China , however, I dont know how to write the envelope format , so I bet you opinion ,thank you ~
  OK, I have the same question to you ,and I have found the answer,I will give you a link of how to write the format of english envelope format
  OK ,thank you very much
  How about the life? DO you have methadone?
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