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When referring to a child's introductory textbook, how would you pronounce "primer"? PRIH-mer PRIME-er
replied to an anonymous question.
SH on TV, just now: Watson: You think him dead, Holmes? Holmes: I think him murdered, Watson. Can you please explain that somewhat odd usage?
 Thank you. Those are all perfectly proper examples of the same usage we were discussing. Note, however, how old they are, and that each adjective is a matter of opinion and point of view, unlike "dead".
enoonThank you. Those are all perfectly...
The Herodias one uses "dead". And "think" expresses opinion. Can we not say "Do you think he is dead?" ...
Anonymous enoonThank you. Those are all...
Ah. You're right. I missed that. I call that poetic license. The writer echoed the wording of the first sentence advisedly.
Anonymous Can we not say "Do you think he is...
Of course. ...
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Hi, I had some some trouble while I was listening to this part of my book. Could you please tell me what are these words in these parts? Here is available: http://audioboo.fm/boos/1656795 Time (01:00) What is it? and what does it mean? Please! And here: http://audioboo.fm/boos/1656803 Times: (00:25) What is it? and ...
 It would have helped to know exactly which words you mean.
as many as a third of all known TB cases are untreatable (TB is the disease tuberculosis.)
and climbed a tree—the tree with her children's tree house in it, that is (A tree house is a ...
 Thanks a million enoon for your informative reply.
For the first one I think It says because of new drug resistant (......?......) .The word after resistant, what does it mean?
Thanks again enoon. You're always kind about me!
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Hi everyone, What would be the appropriate response for "No way! "? Would it be OK to say "Way! "? Thanks.
 That is the traditional informal contradictory response.
 Thank you.Emotion: big smile
 No way!
To me, this sounds like two kids talking.
When my kids were small, they''d also often say
No way!
Yes way!
No way is not wrong, but a more standard-English adult response is to re-assert what was originally said.
I won a Nobel prize ...
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