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replied to an anonymous question.
He had moved to America when his dad, an Oxford University professor, was invited to read English at Havard.
 I would only use "had moved" if the sentence before this one talked about something he did after moving to America, and you previously had not explained that he moved there. Otherwise, this sentence by itself is better with "moved."
 Normally it's undergraduates who 'read' a subject, not professors.
fivejedjonNormally it's undergraduates who...
It seems more British to me, in the first place. In the US it would simply be 'study'. ...
participated here...
the sentence of "i've been doing this every years" is right or I've done it every year"
replied to an anonymous question.
Is It Weird To Say To Someone: Stop Picking On My Wound (as In Where It Hurts Mentally, And Not Literally "pick At The Wound") ?
Anonymous Is It Weird To Say To Someone: Stop...
Capitalize proper nouns, the first word of each sentence, and I. Don't capitalize every word.
Yes, that sounds weird to me.
CJ ...
 You do not need to capitalize each word. There are a few similar idioms below that might match the meaning you are looking for.
"touch/hit a sore spot/point"
to mentione a subject which someone would prefer not to talk about because it makes them  ...
replied to an anonymous question.
Is this sentence correct? I'll buy you it if you take it out of my debt i owe you. Thank you
 I'll buy it for you if you take the cost out of the amount I owe you.
replied to 's question.
Though it is uncommon to reflect feelings in a conversation, each of us has, in the course of our growth, learned to read the emotions of others. No doubt we could improve that skill. Still, it is important to realize that we are more accomplished ...
 What someone is after: A thing that they are trying to get/acquire.
"After" could be replaced with "going for" or "trying to get".
moon7296Remember those times when people...
In this sentence, "after" could be replaced with "seeking," or "looking for," or "wanting."
The expression "what your after" means what you are chasing, what you are pursuing, what you are looking to reach or obtain. ...
moon7296what they were really after?
Similar examples:
William may be after a more important position in the company, but nothing is available at this time.
Obviously, the bears were after Bob's fish lunch, rather than him or his money.
The university is after a team win in any sport.
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