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replied to 's question.
Hello, .. When someone dies and his descendants recieve/get his posessions, then that's inheriting - what's it to the dead, also inheriting? Thanks.
 There is also the more formal word "bequeathing".
  please..i need native english speakers to participate in my research paper answering a questionnaire? who can help me out
khadija daoudi please..i need native english...
Your post is not related to this thread. Please start a new thread if you have a new question. ...
commented on their own question.
Hello, .. In the following sentence: The concept was modelled on the observation that in the real world, eco-systems are made-up of many other interacting subsystems. Can the comma be removed? Thank you.
 No, it shouldn't be removed. You don't want "real world" to be misread as "real-world." If you remove the comma, and someone reads the words as "real-world," that reader would think that "real-world" describes "eco-systems" (as opposed to a ...
Anonymous can’t we have make up without the hyphen
 Thank you, Englishmaven. But that's what it is actually, real-world.
Maybe the choice of a two-word noun there stirred the blurriness. Say we replaced the real world with reality - would it then still be wrong to remove the comma?
The concept was ...
replied to 's question.
Hello, .. Is the following correct? "Me at one one of my colleagues' office" I want to write this as a comment on one photo of mine: Should there go an s after the comma? Thanks.
 Me at the office of one of my colleagues.
replied to 's question.
Hello, .. I hear expressions like: "..get your hands off of me!", but when I come to think about it, I can't quite understand why it's an of after the off - shouldn't it be also an off?  "..get your hands off off me!" Thanks.
Anonymous  That would correct..
SurferHello, ..I hear expressions...
It's unnecessary. Certain people do it, even though it's not needed. It's more common in American English.
Surfershouldn't it be also an off? "..get...
No. Adding "of" or a second "off" is unnecessary. ...
AnonymousSurferHello, ..I hear expressions...
See Is it correct to use words "off of" together? for examples not from the U.S.
CJ ...
replied to 's question.
1. Yesterday he talked nonsense. Today he talks like an expert. (Why present simple "talks" here, it should be "is talking" as in "Today he is talking like an expert.") 2. He walked all the morning. Look at the way he walks now.(Why present ...
 I say it depends on how you look at it. If you want to emphasize progressivity and persistence through the current time, then use the continuous form. If you want to make it sound like a fact that's generally true of the overall period or point of ...
  ok then what does it mean here "Look at the way he walks now" it is not habitual present tense.
roky0071ok then what does it mean here "Look...
now there is used to mean the present, not the physical moment being.. . ...
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