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Hello, .. I know of constructs following the pattern come down to sth., but is it OK to say that something comes down to someone (instead of something)? For example, can I say: "Usually, it ultiamtely comes down to Alfred, and he decides whether we ...
Is it in no context acceptable that the there be omitted? I intentionally left it out as I wasn't addressing a real/actual position but rather a quality in him.. .
Thank you.
SurferIs it in no context acceptable that...
"boss" is a singular countable noun, so it normally needs an article or other determiner. However, there is an idiomatic sense in which "the" can be dropped and so you can say "He is boss". I may have overlooked this when I first read the ...
 Thank you very much.
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Hello.. I came across the following information: "The past perfect tense describes events or situations that precede another point in the past that has been established through the the present perfect or the simple past." I don`t believe I heard ...
SurferI don`t believe I heard that before -...
No, you have misread it. It says that past perfect is used to describe an event that precedes another past event. ...
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How difficult to get overall 6.0 point in Ielts test?
 I myself got 6.0 in IELTS and found it rather difficult - for me, that is.
Anonymous How difficult is it to get an overall score of 6.0 (points) in IELTS? Ielts test?
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Hello, .. My friend and I both work as programmers. I want to compare myself to him so I say: "As programmers, I work more hours than you" Is it correct? Thank you very much.
 I think you intend the word 'programmers' to refer to both of you, but the position of the phrase makes me think it refers just to you.
More natural is
eg "As a programmer, I work more hours than you."
eg "I work more hours than you." (You both ...
CliveI think you intend the word...
Yes, That's what I intended.
CliveMore natural iseg "As a programmer, I...
Can I use the first one when we both know we're programmers? For I want to make explicit the aspect from which I'm comparing.. .
Thanks, Clive. ...
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Hi, .. Can you please help me understand the second clause in the following statement.. : Although Tutt had humiliated his rival, Hickok's ultimatum essentially forced his hand. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild Bill_Hickok%E2%80%93_Davis_Tutt_shootout Thank you.
Surferplease help me understand
Have you checked a dictionary for the definition of 'ultimatum'?
ultimatum: a statement that orders someone to do something and threatens to punish or attack them if they do not
to force his (Tutt's) hand: to force Tutt to act (in a given way)
Surferforced his hand.
Note the pun here. The expression to force someone's hand involves a metaphoric reference to card games.
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