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replied to an anonymous question.
How difficult to get overall 6.0 point in Ielts test?
 I myself got 6.0 in IELTS and found it rather difficult - for me, that is.
Anonymous How difficult is it to get an overall score of 6.0 (points) in IELTS? Ielts test?
commented on their own question.
Hello, .. My friend and I both work as programmers. I want to compare myself to him so I say: "As programmers, I work more hours than you" Is it correct? Thank you very much.
 I think you intend the word 'programmers' to refer to both of you, but the position of the phrase makes me think it refers just to you.
More natural is
eg "As a programmer, I work more hours than you."
eg "I work more hours than you." (You both ...
CliveI think you intend the word...
Yes, That's what I intended.
CliveMore natural iseg "As a programmer, I...
Can I use the first one when we both know we're programmers? For I want to make explicit the aspect from which I'm comparing.. .
Thanks, Clive. ...
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Hi, .. Can you please help me understand the second clause in the following statement.. : Although Tutt had humiliated his rival, Hickok's ultimatum essentially forced his hand. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild Bill_Hickok%E2%80%93_Davis_Tutt_shootout Thank you.
Surferplease help me understand
Have you checked a dictionary for the definition of 'ultimatum'?
ultimatum: a statement that orders someone to do something and threatens to punish or attack them if they do not
to force his (Tutt's) hand: to force Tutt to act (in a given way)
Surferforced his hand.
Note the pun here. The expression to force someone's hand involves a metaphoric reference to card games.
replied to 's question.
Hello, .. I just came across the following headline for news related to a video game: "E3 2016: Doom's First DLC Is Unto the Evil" Source:http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/06/13/e3-2016-dooms-first-dlc-is-unto-the-evil What can one understand from a phrase like unto the evil? Thank you.
GPY"Unto the Evil" is apparently the... the game progresses to an evil (or....
Thanks, GPY. But wouldn't that be what into the evil would've meant.. ?
I kind of felt unto there gave a sense of going against and/or colliding.. , but I'm not really sure.. . ...
Surfermore evil) stage.Thanks, GPY. But...
"unto" really just means "to". However, it has an archaic or poetic/dramatic feel, and it is for that effect that it is probably chosen. ...
GPYand it is for that effect that it is...
... and/or, as Dave mentioned, it may have been influenced or inspired by the well-known Biblical quotation. ...
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Hello, .. When someone dies and his descendants recieve/get his posessions, then that's inheriting - what's it to the dead, also inheriting? Thanks.
 There is also the more formal word "bequeathing".
  please..i need native english speakers to participate in my research paper answering a questionnaire? who can help me out
khadija daoudi please..i need native english...
Your post is not related to this thread. Please start a new thread if you have a new question. ...
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