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replied to 's question.
Which is correct: All the furniture in the room is / are new.
Anonymous but all is plural
Anonymousbut all is plural
No. It's singular or plural depending on what goes with it.
Vincent Teo so, what is the answer?
Which is correct?
All the furniture in the room is / are new. ('Furniture' is an uncountable noun.)
replied to an anonymous question.
Anonymous Third form of won
That is the third form. You mean What is the third form of 'win'?
win, won, won
replied to an anonymous question.
I've found a list of verbs which go with "to infinitive" or "participle", but I was wondering if this is a complete list or if there are verbs missing. I mean there are thousands of verbs out there, how to learn them all? for example just randomly ...
Catull1) open is not a catenative verb. So...
You know because you have many years of experience in English. Or you will some day.
Be patient. You can't memorize all the catenative verbs in a couple of hours.
CatullIt could work as a supplement...
You don't actually have to supply a connector. In a more realistic example the ...
 Thank you, CJ!
Today I was speaking to my english tandem partner and realized a little later that I had no clue why my sentence sounded grammatical and what structure it was:
"I saw them rolling on the floor crying tears of joy.
So. I assume the ...
CatullCan this participle connect to "them"...
Yes, because "them" acts like the subject of "rolling". Who is rolling? Who is crying? Both "rolling" and "crying" say something about "them".
CJ ...
replied to 's question.
I read the sentences below in a textbook written by a Japanese teacher. Do you think they sound ok? Here are the sentences: ----- Call your employer and explain that you cannot come in to work today. Hi, this is Helen. I can't go to the office today, ...
Makiasanhave got flu
have the flu is the most common way to say it.
CalifJimhave the flu is the most common way...
That's common in American English but, not everyone in the world adds the.  ...
AnonymousThat's common in American English...
Here's the Ngram for British English. It looks like about 50% each in recent years.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
i have hard time coming up with an English word suggesting a piece of paper used to stick kind small-sized documents (certificate, bank slips, or whatever) on for filing, say tax return or other official purposes. The word "Mount" sounds to me ...
 Are you talking about "stickers", those small bits of paper with adhesive on the back and some emblem or some information (e.g., your return address) on the front?
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