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replied to 's question.
Can I use the past simple with while`, to describe an action from the past which continued for a while (one month)? While I worked (for one year) for this company I didn`t meet new people. Can I use the past continues in this case? While I was ...
VoytaszekBut I can use the past continous...
VoytaszekIs there any difference in meaning?
VoytaszekWhat about sentences with which describe longer actions (lasting, let`s say, a a month);...simple verbs correct? I talked with my...
That doesn't work very well.
CJ ...
 So it`s better to use the past continuous for both verbs?
I was talking with my friends in a bus while I was going to school.(almost every day for a month)
VoytaszekSo it`s better to use the past...
For that sentence I would write
I used to talk with my friends on the bus on my way to school.
"almost every day for a month" seems totally out of place and irrelevant to my ear.
CJ ...
replied to an anonymous question.
If trump wins, he will deport all illegal immigrants. Vs. If trump won, he would deport all illegal immigrants. What's the difference in meaning? Both looks the same meaning to me. Please help.
AnonymousIf Trump wins, he will deport all illegal...Trump won, he would deport all illegal...
'wins' ... 'will' ... represents a real situation.
'won' ... 'would' ... represents an imagined situation.
At the time you are writing this, the U.S. election is only a few weeks away, so the situation is real, and you use the first. Two years ...
CalifJim AnonymousIf Trump wins, he will...
I heard the second sentence on Facebook two weeks ago where Clinton writes, 'Trump would deport all the immigrants.' At the time she was saying, it was real situation too. So, why did she wrote the sentense with would? ...
Anonymouswhy did she wrote write the sentense sentence with "would"?
She was imagining a Trump win in her own mind.
participated here...
When have you talked to Ann? When have you talk to Ann?
replied to an anonymous question.
"He uses humour as a mask when he's sad." "He uses humour as a shield when he's sad."
AnonymousDo these sentences mean the same thing?
No. A mask conceals; a shield protects. They are used for different purposes.
replied to an anonymous question.
what is the difference between 1. parted from and parted with 2. to talk about and to talk of
Anonymous1. parted from and parted with
The way I use those expressions most of the time is to say 'parted from' if it's a person and 'parted with' if it's a possession. You don't have use them that way, however. You can use 'parted with' if it's a person. Here are some examples I ...
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