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Hi everyone, I've got a quick question. I haven't noticed that until now. and I didn't notice that until now. I'd probably use the first one but I heard people using both. I undestand that if I was talking about the past I'd choose the second one but ...
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I invited him to the wedding but I remember that at first I was a bit reluctant to call him. I was still very angry with him after all. Now if I wanted to explain why he made me feel so angry, would I have to say it all in the past perfect? ...
Ann225Now if I wanted to explain why he...
No. Anger never occurs before the actions that provoke it, so the time sequence is clear even if you don't use the past perfect. Action first; anger after.
CJ ...
 But I'd be talking about something that happened before inviting him. You would still stick to the past simple?
Ann225But I'd be talking about something...
You can do it with the past perfect or with the simple past. As I said, you don't have to do it all in the past perfect.
CJ ...
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I found the passage as follows: When she sneezed and a nurse enquired, "Do we need to blow our nose?" Ursula replied coldly, "I wasn't aware we shared a common nose, but if you need to blow yours, go ahead. It's big enough." What does the nurse mean ...
 Somehow the topic has shifted from "our nose" to "your nose".
 I think of it as peculiar to doctors and nurses. My veterinarian does it too. "Are we still having trouble with hairballs?"
khoffAre we still having trouble with...
Yes. Emotion: cat Emotion: tongue tied ...
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Dear Users, What do we call that paper ring that we put on a hot paper cup of coffee in order to keep our hands safe from... scolding? (Hope this sentence is 100% correct) Thanks
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Which is correct 'to/at' before the place? If server allocation is available to Tamil Nadu unit If server allocation is available at Tamil Nadu unit
jaidineshamnet'to/at' before the place?
Both. 'at' is position; 'to' is direction. 'at' is stationary; 'to' is movement.
We are at the bank. We are going to the bank.
However, with "available" in your example, it doesn't matter. It normally takes "to", but both of your ...
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