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replied to an anonymous question.
I think I read Shakespeare say "to" instead of "in order to". What is the difference?
AnonymousCJ is the best teacher on this forum...
I agree.  ...
 I agree that they mean the same, but I view "in order to" as giving more weight/importance to the reason being given/outlined.
teechrI view "in order to" as giving more...
I fail to feel that. ...
replied to 's question.
Which country would you like to move to and live in? I would like to live in the U.S.for two reasons. Firstly, the US is a country where music is very popular such as rocks, jazz, blues, and metal. I like to play these kinds of music. Secondly, ...
 There is no mistake. Emotion: smile
Masanori Takaokaany mistakes in the writing?
Yes, some.
I would like to live in the U.S. for two reasons. First, the US is a country where music such as rock, jazz, blues, and heavy metal is very popular. I like to play these kinds of music. Second, when I went there for a school trip, I ...
replied to 's question.
Dear Users, Should there be a comma in the following sentence? If so, could you tell me why please? The only way to do it [,] is to turn it all upside down. Thanks
Perfect Strangercomma
No. You cannot put a comma between the subject and the predicate of any sentence.
CalifJimNo. You cannot put a comma between...
Thank you CJ. Forgive me for failing to see it, but... if the subject is "it" (?) then the predicate is... Hmm... Where is it? ...
Perfect Stranger if the subject is "it" (
No. The subject is the whole phrase 'The only way to do it'.
replied to 's question.
Company took advantages of my computer experiences with evolving circumstance. Is it correct?
 Hello, emrahaltindis —and welcome to English Forums. Thank you for registering as a member.
My company took advantage of my computer experience with evolving circumstances.
I don't know what you mean, but at least I have fixed the grammar.
 Perhaps during evolving circumstances?
replied to an anonymous question.
Good evening teachers,could u please help me here?we always use 'to' with verbs like these, "she lied to me,she gave to me".but i haven't seen that here, "she helped me,she paid me" could you explain me what has happend threre?thank you.
Anonymous" could you explain me what has...
Nothing has happened there. Why would you expect all English verbs to be followed by the same preposition—or by any preposition at all? I'm sure it doesn't happen in your own language...if you have prepositions or similar particles. There is no ...
Anonymous  how can I identify weather the verb use a preposition or not?Is there any rule or just need to study each?
Mister Micawber There is no rule, but just a set of...
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