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replied to an anonymous question.
For them, 12 of their 30-day months made a year. Is it correct that the structure of the sentence is 'Subject + Verb + (Pro)noun + Adverbial'? Thanks in advance.
 I think that you had better tell us precisely which words you consider to be the subject, verb, pronoun and adverbial.
Anonymous Thanks, Mister Micawber.
Subject = 12 of their 30-day months
Verb = made
Noun = a year
Adverbial = For them
 Ah I see. Well, it depends on how your teacher defines some of those terms. Your analysis is fine, but I would do this:
12 = simple subject
12 of their 30-day months = complete subject
made = simple verb
year = direct object
for them = adverbial
replied to 's question.
Hi Dear Teachers and Friends, Hello to everybody I need to understand articles a bit better. I am discovering that some rules I learned don't apply to all situations. My situations 1. My friend Juan shows me his new Porsche. I ask him "Juan, why did ...
 Greetings, Mister Micawber! I probably mis-understood this emphasis thing. You say that "both are fine" for the first one. I understand that both are fine for the other three situations (but for a different reason than I thought), yes?
Can I bother ...
Carlos SunnyWhen I ask Juan,"Why did you buy a...
Yes, he could say either one.
Carlos SunnyIs it still the same mental viewpoint?
Carlos SunnySorry about so many questions.
That's what we're here for.
Carlos SunnyThey are the last ones for this thread.
If you have more on this topic, please continue the thread; if you have a new topic, please start a new thread. Thanks! ...
 Thank you for your support, Mister Micawber!
The protagonist, Philip moved in with his uncle Mr. Carey, the Vicar of Blackstable after his mother's death. He goes to the medical school St. Luke's in London. ............................................ One morning Philip on getting up felt his ...
replied to an anonymous question.
So i'm translating an english-manga into my language... But there is a sentece that i just don't get it "She's an outlet to vent out on" (I know it has a bad meaning) But can someone please explain it to me?
Anonymous i just don't get it "She's an outlet...
Not really a bad meaning, I think. It just means that she is someone that will listen while you complain. ('Out' is wrong in that sentence and should be deleted.) ...
replied to 's question.
faisalkhanIs it adjective or verb in the...
A verb, but others may disagree. ...
faisalkhanadjective or verb
An adjective generally can be used before a noun, after a linking verb, with the adverbs very, rather, more, or most, (sometimes with already) unless it's non-gradable, and coordinated with another adjective with and. Not all of these are ...
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