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Hello every one,I'm from Thailand, I love to know every body all around the world,I can talk to you in many things, I like to play many sports.I 'm a fan Liverpool FC.^ ^ but I can talk to another fanclubs. I love to listen to the musics My favorite band for now is Travis (Travis Blur Oasis Weezer Ash Shed7 Suede Greenday Mansun Cast The bluetones Terrorvision The supernaturals Dishwalla Catch Smashshing pumpkins Stererphonics Dodgy Gene Delamitri Teenage fanclub The offspring Supergrass Nerf herder Silversun Fountains of wayne Moist the Candyskin Carter usm Manic street preachers The seahorse Placebo Nirvana Bush Jack joshson Simple Plan) Hope to see you soon Bye Bye, See Ya
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