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replied to 's question.
supposing I want to say the dog bited me but I want the pronoun of the dog so I can say : he bited me?
  Hi Murfhum
Dog owners invariably say he or she when they refer to their dogs. Of course it is also correct. Bite is an irregular verb: He bit me [in the leg].
  If you don't know the dog, for example, a stray dog, you can say It bit me.
If you know the dog, as for example, a pet dog whose name you know, you can say He bit me or She bit me.
replied to 's question.
hello correct my sentence 1.the team wants to lend you, she\it (the team) said you harm to the team 2.her\its poverty(of the team) could make some changes and when I use "her" only with people?
You can't say 'her' when you mean a team. You can say 'it', or you can say 'they' if you are thinking of the team as people.
So, please rewrite your sentences, (including capital letters and periods Emotion: smile ) and then we can comment on the rest.
Best ...
  so if I can't say "she" I can't say her too , I can say its for the team
replied to 's question.
hello I would like to know if I could understand spoken english(supposing movies) without speaking english is it possible and if someone here understand spoken english without having spoken english
  Yes, it's possible. I hardly ever (ok, let's say never), practice spoken English, but I can understand (not always though).
But you can't understand spoken English if you have no idea how you should speak it... You have to know the sounds and how ...
KooyeenYes, it's possible. I hardly ever...
But you can't understand spoken...
How much time do you spend in listening?and what ways? ...
  Not much, really. I should listen much more.
I listen to the radio... radio stations avilable on the net. It could be some radio station in California, some kind of public radio, etc.
I sometimes watch some videos on Youtube, some animated ...
replied to 's question.
hi, can anyone please tell me the exact usage of 'the'. i m really confused where to use it....
can anyone please tell me the exact...
This question could result in a lengthy lesson! 'The' is the definite article in English, which means its general use is to designate a specific noun.
I saw a man in a grey suit ~ I saw the man you introduced me to yesterday.
I'm waiting for a ...
 you can read here at the end of the page /
can anyone please tell me the exact...
Welcome to the English Forum.
Which one? The English Forum, the one you just posted a question in.
I love the jacket mom bought me. Which jacket? The one mom bought me.
The A line train leaves the station everyday at in the morning. Which train? The A ...
replied to 's question.
Are they different? (They are both uncountable)
I rarely if ever hear the word 'exportation'.
 if you mean as "noun" so there is no difference
  Thank you.
Best wishes
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