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    hi guyz ..welcome startin as usual with trademark line a chweet innocent kool guy . I m a simple guy..really friendly . got a good mind ..but a bigger heart i m a person who gets mixed up easily coz you will find me same as you are yourself to know more yes you will have to see my complete profile..yes it says a lot of things aCTuallY Em Very LAzY tO wRite IT doWn... sO u'vE gOTta CheCK mA PrOfilE DailY fOr UpdAteS... wHEn i WaS boRn, EverY oNE aROuNd mE wAS smILinG n I WaS cRyiN bUT tOdaY, eM smILiN n everYone'S cRYin!!! DoN tHinK am A pUnK, am a reAl HuNk.. i kNoW Im ThE bEsT, sO i dOnT cArE tO thE rEsT! mY aDViCE tO aLL THe gUYs wHO hAVe bIKeS n CarS: wOUndS caN hEAl. bONes CAn jOIn. SO DRIVE FAST!!! I hATE uNKnOwn CreATuREs sCRiBBliNg In MA ScRApbOOK ADVANCE WARNING/CHOKING HAZARD: DONT MESS WITH ME!!! age: 21 birthday: December 16 location: India relationship status: single
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