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    So, a little bit about me.. My name is Anu, i'm 16 years old and i'm currently living in Estonia. I'm planning to move Italy soon, problably in June, when i'm going to have a trip there, i won't come back. Yeah, i am kinda crazy in case.. but in other one.. is it that bad? My biggest passion is MUSIC. I adore Latin music and singers.. one of my idols is Laura Pausini! Her music is exactly the one, that i love and wanna listen. She's so amazing. This voice and all... ah <3 Also i love the Russian pop-duo singers Lena Katina & Julia Volkova. Times ago they were the only reason to stay alive. Yeah, even i have bad times. Also i'm totally into Classical. All kind of Symphonies and Violin concerts. Oh & Vanessa Mae! I play Violin by myself tho. I can't say that i believe in "everything happens for a reason", but i believe, that we all have our place and being in this world, we all have our "life's road" over what we are walking.. and the hills on our way, we just must pass. I've felt since very young age, that my place is in a show-business. I've decided to start my career in Italy.. I wanna become a singer/violinist. Currently i'm a student.. usual boring student. Living in a place, near the school & trying to just hold on till June. The year 2009 has some kind of precious karma for me. It brings so much good emotions and happiness into my soul. Everything seems that much easier. Even tho i am always a easy taker person, then this cold dark Estonian winter started to eat my heart.. ouch. Oh.. & not that it tells much haha.. but guys, i'm Blonde.
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