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    I am a student at Valdosta State University. I am majoring in Clinical and social work psychology. My goals are to help children many years before the see suicide as the only form of exiting their pain. I have been through a great deal and really understand where these children are coming from. Along with psychology, I am having to take Spanish, so my goals for such is to become fluent enough that I can also help individuals and students whom are ESL or just need help learning English. I'm on the bottom of the rung of that ladder, but with patience, studying, and much much practice, I will climb the ladder one rung at a time till I reach my top and graduate. I have been thinking that since I am having to study the Spanish language at such an extent, that I might minor in the study of Spanish in itself. For my interests, I am a part time gamer, I love video games: the graphics, the programming, and the way the virtual world moves. I love culinary arts: I enjoy cooking, entertaining others with delightful meals and making food as exquistely beautiful as I can possibly make it. I hope one day in this lifetime I will be able to afford studying culinary arts at the Culinary Arts institute in Atlanta, Ga; that will come much later though. For my skills, I consider myself something of a poet. I absolutely love writing, however I only write emotions or such, however there are times when I read the title of a contest and an idea hits me like a 2-ton brick! lol. I enjoy a thorough series of movies and films, my likings range from children's, to classics, to curl up and hide horror that you have to watch many times before you can sit straight through it. For instance, I love the Saw movies, however with each one, there was so much gore and bit violence that I could not sit through it during the first few times, I had to look away a few times, like in the fourth one, I believe, where the man had his head smashed into by two large ice blocks... blah!! I ended up watching that movie quite a few times prior to being capable of watching it all the way through. I also have no specific tast with my music, I am pretty much eclectic, meaning I enjoy all kinds; however I say pretty much because there are types I just despise, such as heavy metal and hard rock, other things of that sort. Well, if there are any questions about me, just email me and ask away. Okee dokee?? :)
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