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Hi! I've got some doubts in this poem I'm trying to analyze. The grey sea and the long black land; And the yellow half-moon large and low; And the startled little waves that leap In fiery ringlets from their sleep, As I gain the cove with pushing ...
Anonymous  In this context, 'quick' is an adjective meaning 'fast' or 'rapid'. In other contexts, 'quick' can be used as a noun (as in the expression 'cut to the quick') but this usage is very rare and is not applicable here.
Anonymous It sure did help! Thanx Scott. r
Anonymous well in the last line of the poem "each to each" is used...................
well if you hear your heart beating it makes a sound like "each t each"
this is of the greatest features of the poem.......
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Hello! I don't know how to translate this sentence (in bold), from a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, exactly (it's from his The Lotos-Eaters): (...) Here are cool mosses deep, And through the moss the ivies creep, And in the stream the long-leaved ...
  Uhm... I see. Thank you very much, Fandorin.
 Hi Karim,
A belated welcome to English Forums.
If you need a synonym, you could use "grows thickly" or "grows densely" or even "grows abundantly."
Grammar GeekHi Karim,
A belated welcome to English Forums.
If you need a synonym, you could use...
Don't worry about that Emotion: wink Thanks for your welcome and also for your answer.
Regards.  ...
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Hi!! I think it's cool to know about people's culture, so it'll be nice if you could share some of your culture with me!! And maybe, if you want to know something about mine, it'll be my pleasure to talk to you!!
  Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum. Certainly I found it out yesterday and I didn't hesitate to register.
My name's Karim, and I'm Spanish. However, my father is muslim (he's from a Spanish town in North Africa).
I was raised in Catholicism, as ...
 Hi Karim!
I'd quite like to know about Spanish culture. Is there a single Spanish culture or does it vary enormously from one region to another. I know that there are very different languages and dialects in different regions and that the Basques ...
  Hi Emmeladelyn!
Almost everything I know of Spanish culture comes from my reading, talking and TV-watching (I hope these expressions are right), for I haven't tavelled a lot. I know pretty well the Andalusian culture, because I live here. And it ...
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Hello. I'm trying to analyze this poem and, after looking up the words I don't understand, I couldn't find the meanings of two of them. They're in bold: Break, break, break, On thy cold gray stones, O Sea! And I would that my tongue could utter  ...
  Thank you very much, Planet Hopper!
 The secret to understanding the word "would" is looking at the history of the verb "will"
O.E. *willan, wyllan "to wish, desire, want" (past tense wolde),
You see that Tenneyson (writing in the 1800's) is using the contemporary spelling for the Old ...
AlpheccaStarsThe secret to understanding the word...
O.E. *willan, wyllan "to wish, desire, want" (past tense wolde),
I didn't know of that meaning of...
replied to 's question.
How should I read 4.0 here? Four point zero?
 I also say "four point oh". I'm not sure why, but that's how I've heard it from childhood. Emotion: wink
  And would it sound well 'four dot oh'?
  Not to me. 
I would not even notice if someone said four point zero instead of my preferred four point oh, but I would notice four DOT as being unusual.
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