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    Hey! I'm Samantha, but people call me Bubblzz. I'm 16, short -5'3"-, and I'm thick, but cute. I like tatoos and piercings. As a matter of fact I have 19 piercings, all of them done myself except my tongue, and 4 tattoos, also all done myself. I am in the 11th grade, but I'm in ALC- Alternative Lerning Center- because I got arrested at school for selling a pill and the cops searched me and found me in possesion of like 8 more didderent kind of pills. But I didn't know i had those pills in my purse, I accedently threw them in my purse in a hurry that morning. I went to court on Monday, December 8, 2008. I have to get a drug and alcohol assesment at pathways, then I have 90 days of probation. If I don't get in trouble in that 90 days, then my juvenile record will be erased. I LOVE EMINEM!!!!! He is my hero, and he is SEXY. I have a little sister that gets on my nerves. She's 11 and ADHD. My mom, my sister, and me all live together and my mom has 4 jobs! IDK how she does it but I love her more then anything else in this world. I like to listen to rap and rock. I love to dance and sing too!
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