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    Those are pretty much the main facts. I’m the only child in our family, my parents are together but not married, I’m straight and single , I have naturally curly & medium brown hair + blue eyes + standing in 5′9″, a little geeky music & art lover who loves to talk about immigrant politics and drink too much blueberry cider, always explaining stuff about men, tentacle and gay porn. Social, open, *** up and polite *** , who thinks too much. ♥: Clockwork Orange, beards, blogging, mohawks, Russia, combat boots, fighting with boys, Chino Moreno, cactuses, fighting with boys (”Hurt your contestant more than what you get hurt” or something), IRC, photography, skinheads, Paul Kaye, Brokeback Mountain, Deftones, crewcuts, people with healthy self-esteem, Johnny Lee Miller, the United Kingdom, Queer as Folk, chicken salad, grunge style, Irvine Welsh, bodymods … I could go on and on!
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