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About me

Hi,I'm here to take my knowledge in English to the next level. I'm very much interested in helping others. I like debating, dancing, human psychology and electronics. Please feel free to add me if you find me helpful :o) I'm available on yahoo messenger as well everyday for 1 to 2 hours. I can speak in 6 major English accents... and would love to improve my skills in certain areas.... Hey, I'm not a mimicing artist like Russell Peters but would like to be one! lol! Some interesting facts about me: 1) My schedule is very tightly packed through-out the year. 2) I respond to more than 100 emails per day. 3) I come online on yahoo messenger public chat room every weekend for an hour or 2 4) I dont like honey 5) I love 4 different streams Medicine, Engineering, Literature and Business 6) I hate cricket & politics 7) I'm ambidextrous 8) I love training friends on personality development and english language. 9) I love to learn new things. 10) I'm God fearing 11) By qualification and education, I'm an Electronics & Communications Engineer. I started my career as a Software Engineer and moved to Wireless Engineering. Recently, I've been promoted to Business Development. 12) I have travelled to many countries like USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Thailand & Germany. I'm an Indian. And I'd love to visit Russia, Finland and Switzerland. N.B: Mutual agreement between you and me for our friendship - Please do not have any hard-feelings if we find each others mistakes... :)
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