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  Are u there
 maybe it seems to be a strange question to you, but, a friend of mine is searching as much translations of flower as possible. so if you want to, can you write flower in your own language for me? (and pls tell wich language it is) thx a lot!!
In Arabic we call the flower
Flower: wardh
Flower = "Hoa" or "Bông hoa" "Đóa hoa"
Is it helpful for your friend, Juliedc?
I'm from Cameroon and we use two official languages: French and English.
In French:
Flower := Fleur
Flowers := Fleurs
In English:
Well, you all already know.
replied to 's post.
hi friends, How are u all? open this attachment and make it zoom In (+) and try too read it .its interesting i hope u all will enjoy reading it. waiting ur reply. bye all
 Hi Nedad,
I am a stepdaughter, so i decided to simply tell you what i would want from my stepmom. It just might help, though you must keep in mind that your stepdaughter is almost half my age.
The first thing is, you have to create a place of your ...
 Oh, you know, i not an eskimo , but i sleep with my little girl... I think many non eskimo persons do that, it is not bad!
 Hi Nedad,
I just got an email from Savvy, telling me about the Thread.You didn't hurt my feelings at all and I'm really happy things are going better now between you two girlsEmotion: big smile. We all are glad the kid and you are getting along. Had I been a girl , ...
  Hello to all I am sami from kuwait... Just say Hi
 Iam fine too
take care
 Hiiiiiiiiii Kuwait!
nice to meet u!
 hello Kingleo8888

how r u


where r u from

nice to meet u too
 Good afternoon, My real purpose for joining this forum is to improve my english language in addition to make friendships. So, I hope my stay here would be beneficial and enjoyable. These are general informations about me: I'm a 19 years old university ...
 Hey my neighbor friend for ever,
Nice to meet you.. And, thanks for replaying on me.
Emotion: smile
  you welcome
 Hi, hopless love, I really don't know ur name,
any way, the meaning of its hip and happening , the place is all rocking, like partying, or all the people are enjoying the climate or some festival celebration.
awaiting ur reply.
bye Emotion: big smile
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