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I came accross this website and was wondering if anyone has use this tool? The ratings seem very good. But I am not sure if the ratings are legit. If you have any experience with the software, please share your thought. I would like to buy it ...
Anonymous  OK, the solution would be creating a blog, we collect all this stories and start our holy campaign, we must f**k this softwarewannabe company !!!
as usuall when you become intrested to buy this piece of junk , they will keep in touch with you ...
Anonymous  I tried whitesmoke for two weeks after buying it. I complained alot about how bad is the program. they resopond and give me different version of the software to try. then, i asked for my money back, and with difficulties and with burgains they ...
Anonymous  Whitesmoke is a worthless program. It does not work as well as Word's spellcheck feature. It "corrects" spellings incorrectly, does not punctuate correctly and misses real issues completely. Worse, since I installed it, I have been inundated with ...
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