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I'm 47 years old I am teaching English in an institute around Kang-nam station in Seoul. My job asks me pretty much work. And I work almost every day from March to mid-November (at that time my students have annual university entrance exam.). After that about three months, I'm having a relaxed time. ( I only have a few one-on-one teaching during that time.) Even though I'm having a pretty busy time. I love to read books (Korean and English books). Right now I'm reading "the insulted and humiliated" written by Pyodor Dostoyevsky. It's about two families who have been estranged and become enemy. Like other Dostoyevsky's novels, it's a story about deprived people. It's not easy to get such English book in Korea, and it's too expensive to get such book, I go 2nd-hand bookstore as often as I can. (If you become my friend you are going to travel the 2nd-hand bookstores!!) And I love to go to see movie. Especially movies which was made by 'serious' directors such as "Abbas Kiarostami- Iranian director. He is also a photographer!-, etc. (It's very hard to get to know their names in English, you know^^;) Yours sincere Bae.
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